Whoaaaa, where has 9 months gone?

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My baby, is not a small little baby anymore. Shes a (nearly) walking, talking, food loving baby with a diva attitude. I know i say it every month that goes by but my god, these last 9 months have flown. Everyday she changes and its so scary but also so so exciting.

Milan, if your reading this when you’re older. YOU ARE A DIVA. In every single way. You push the boundaries to try and get what you want. You run around in your walker like your Michael Schumacher, grabbing things off the table, pulling the bin lid off. You eat every bit of food that you can see, even if its someone else’s. You babble away to mummy and daddy and then look at us with confusion because we have no clue what you’re saying. You wave at everybody, and i literally mean everybody! Even animals or faces. You have such a cheeky little smile, and love to show it off and make people fall in love with you. You are such an easy baby and have your own little routine.

London baby blog

You’re just the best.


You have been sliding backwards and bum shuffling for three months now, with absolutely no interest in crawling properly. Until you saw your cousin nearly crawling and realised you wanted to crawl, now you get up on your knees rocking and throwing yourself at things. You’re so close chops.

Standing: You pull yourself up on anything and try so hard to get on your feet, with a little help you’re there. You walked 5 steps with your baby walker the other day, and then let go and stood on your own for 5 seconds!! You’re a crazy cat, that wants to walk not crawl!

London baby blog

You have four little nashers now, two at the top, two and the bottom and they are just the cutest. You have learnt to properly chew your food with your teeth.

You are always trying to talk and can say “Da-Da” “Mama”  and “hello” and even went as far as saying “hello Daddy”. You are so so clever. All we have to do is repeat a word to you a few times and you’ll try and say it.

You have this funny little hand gesture that you mastered a couple of months ago. Mummy was helping you crawl and using her hand to signal you to come over towards her and you decided to copy. You do it to everyone and it looks like your wanting something! Haha.

You eat everything! Literally.

You are just amazing at sleeping. We have mastered you sleeping in your cot and self soothing yourself to sleep with Marci and you did it straight away. No tears. We just lay you down at 6pm every night and within the click of a finger your asleep. You even sleep until 7.30am now!! You were waking at 6am/7am for a few weeks because of your teeth 🙁 but even that didn’t make you wake in the night. Daddy and I always count our blessings when it comes to you sleeping, you love your sleep (just like mummy!) and never wake up through the night! Absolute dream.

You still love Marci and he comes everywhere with us.

You’ve out grown of your pram and car seat already (expensive child). Although you absolutely love your new pram.

Your hair is growing and although sometimes it doesn’t look like it, its really getting long and thick.

You love cuddles in the evening and will snuggle yourself into our chest. I love these moments.

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You are my little dream, my best friend and my love. I love you so much, more than you’ll ever know Mila.

Mummy xx