Ok, your nearly a years old?! How has that even happened, i feel like it was only yesterday i was stroking your hair as you laid asleep on my chest in the hospital. The time has more than flown by. My little babba is now a talking, nearly walking babba. Please stop growing so fast!

So the last 6 weeks have been a huge change for you. Weve moved 400 miles away and you settled perfectly. You absolutely love everybody that gives you attention and if they dont give you attention, then youll shout and point “LOOK” until they turn around! You are the cheekiest little bear ever! People are always coming over to you saying how cute you are as you wave at everybody and everything! Literally, youll wave at Postman Pat on the telly, the neighbours and even the smiling panda prints on your trousers.

You dont stop trying to talk and have mastered so many words:



Dada, Daddy



Doggy, Dog


Gran mama

Gran dada



You climb up everything, one minute you’re there, the next you’re gone! You love being chased and do the cutest little scream when someone chases you. You have taken a real liking to Uncle Phil, grandmas dog. Everytime you see him, you stroke him, giggle and say “doggy” its the cutest. You know what your head, ears and teeth are, everytime someones sings ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ or asks you where you head is you immediately put your hands on your head. You clap everytime you or somebody else does something, or if people on the tele cheer. You now have 9 teeth! 9! Its insane, you have the biggest toothy smile. You dance like no-ones watching, literally! You wiggle your bum everytime you hear music. Its so unbelievably cute. You are now braving letting go and standing on the spot for a few seconds too!

You met your great grandad for the first time in July and you adore him. You have the best bond and always want him or grandma to give you cuddles. You find them both so so funny too and are always laughing at/with them.

Its nearly your first birthday and mummy and daddy have planned a little tea party with family and friends. We cant wait to give you your presents!

Ahhh you’re just the bestest little bear in the world. You’re my best friend, my little love and my life. I love you so so much chops x