With winter already here, neither can you be cold, nor can your skin be dry. You can easily get dry skin if you expose yourself to the cold and crisp air outside and warm and dry air indoors. However, you can guard against dry skin. Here’s how:

Preventing dry skin: There are a number of ways of preventing dry skin from marring your beauty.

Indoor and outdoor environment: Take a hard look at the air inside your home and outside. Next, consider your skin care and the clothes you wear.

Low humidity: When temperatures fall, automatically humidity does too, causing your skin to become dry. If you have a radiator in the room or a woodstove or fireplace, they can exacerbate the removal of moisture from your room and dry your skin. You can ease this condition by installing a humidifier.

Frequent washing: You stand to lose your skin’s natural oils when you wash your hands or face frequently or if you bathe oftener than normal. Get over this condition by using a moisturizer soon after a shower or washing your hands.

Chapped lips: Your lips are the first casualties of cold winter air. Prevent them from cracking by using a lip balm or moisturizer.

Are you wearing fabrics that irritate your skin? Perhaps, you’re wearing certain fabrics that irritate your sensitive skin. Wool is one such material, so check before buying it.

Tips to prevent dry skin in winter: 

* Speak to your dermatologist: By speaking to your dermatologist, your skin type can be analyzed and a skin care regimen can be customized for you and certain skin care products can be prescribed for you. To purchase any of them, you can always use the All Beauty voucher code.

* Use an oil-based moisturizer: Using an oil-based moisturizer will help create a protective layer on your skin that holds more moisture than an ordinary cream. While this will work for you, you should also go one step forward and choose oils that won’t clog your pores, such as almond, primrose or avocado oil.

* Use sunscreen generously: In the winter, your skin can be affected by a combination of snow glare and the winter sun. Avoid a dry skin from developing by applying sunscreen to your hands and face about 30 minutes before leaving home.

* Don’t wear wet socks and gloves: Your skin can be irritated if you wear wet gloves and socks. You can develop cracks in your skin, sores or even eczema. So, be careful.

* Eat the right foods: You can use coconut oil liberally on your skin or consume it to prevent dry skin from forming. Cooking in olive oil or eating olives also help keep your skin supple and nourished, youthful and healthy. Making oatmeal and sweet potatoes part of your diet also helps keep skin dryness at bay, besides improving skin health due to its rich content of antioxidants. Sweet potatoes lend a healthy glow to your skin because they are rich in Vitamin A which gives elasticity and youth to your skin.

So, keep your skin moisturized and youthful by using these time-tested tips.

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