Milan is 9 months!

Whoaaaa, where has 9 months gone? My baby, is not a small little baby anymore. Shes a (nearly) walking, talking, food loving baby with a diva attitude. I know i say it every month that goes by but my god, these last 9 months have flown. Everyday she changes and its so scary but also so so exciting. Milan, if [...]

Nip + Fab Glycolic & Dragons Blood fix: Review

So i recently purchased a Nip + Fab haul. I had heard so much of the brand that i thought i had to try it out! I truly believe these have really reformed my skin, making it feel 10 times softer and hydrated. The Glycolic Fix range is used to exfoliate and brighten up your skin. Each product has only a [...]

5 Sure shot ways of banishing skin dryness in winter

With winter already here, neither can you be cold, nor can your skin be dry. You can easily get dry skin if you expose yourself to the cold and crisp air outside and warm and dry air indoors. However, you can guard against dry skin. Here's how: Preventing dry skin: There are a number of ways of preventing dry skin [...]