Holiday lookbook

So, as you all know i recently went away with my best friend for a 5 day break to Fuerteventura. It was the first time i have ever been away from Milan, but it was so needed. It was complete relaxation, beach and pool lounging. Alot of food and fanta lemon! Whilst we did take alot of silly photos, i [...]

24 life lessons in 24 years

So, in the 24 years I've been on this crazy planet it's safe to say I have learnt a lot. I have been through a lot of life experiences in those years, some good, some bad. So I thought I'd share with you all, the life lessons that I've learnt along the way. Never take anything for granted If you [...]

Mothers Day, without mam.

I wrote a blog post this time last year for my beautiful mother, thanking her for being her. For doing her utmost best to bring up three children alone and for being the best Grandmammy to Milan. I also said in the post 'I don't know what i would ever do without you' and that was of the last things [...]

Dear Mam

Dear Mam, I genuinely cant believe i am writing this. I am still hoping that i will wake up one morning and i'll receive my daily "Morning my peas! All love, your pod. X" text and it was all just a horrible nightmare. But as i'm sat here right now writing this, i'm also looking at your photos on the [...]

Being a parent- uncensored.

I think this post with relate a lot of mothers out there. They may not say it out loud but they'll say in the back of their minds 'Yup!' If you're up for reading a slightly uncensored version of reality then feel free to carry on, if not then, sorry but i'm not sorry. Right, so its only recently occurred [...]

Dear Dad…

Dear Dad, I know we've never met, but i'm sure if we did things in life would be a lot different right now. For years now i've wanted to say so much to you. Growing up i would sit and pray that i would wake up and have a father. That you would suddenly walk through the door in your [...]

Seaside adventures

One thing I have learnt since living in the North is that it truly is beautiful up here. There are so many hidden gems which is great for families with little ones looking for things to do. Whilst Barney was getting his hair cut, his hairdresser mentioned coming to check out the beaches at Tynemouth. So that we did. After [...]

Milan is 11 months!

Ok, your nearly a years old?! How has that even happened, i feel like it was only yesterday i was stroking your hair as you laid asleep on my chest in the hospital. The time has more than flown by. My little babba is now a talking, nearly walking babba. Please stop growing so fast! So the last 6 weeks [...]

Laser Vs Non Laser

Fixing Skin Problems With or Without the Use of Laser Devices Your skin is obviously one of the first things that other people will notice about you. So, it's only natural for you to want it to look great all the time, especially as you get older. Unfortunately, not everybody's skin cooperates with that sentiment on its own. Damage done [...]

Milan is 9 months!

Whoaaaa, where has 9 months gone? My baby, is not a small little baby anymore. Shes a (nearly) walking, talking, food loving baby with a diva attitude. I know i say it every month that goes by but my god, these last 9 months have flown. Everyday she changes and its so scary but also so so exciting. Milan, if [...]

Nip + Fab Glycolic & Dragons Blood fix: Review

So i recently purchased a Nip + Fab haul. I had heard so much of the brand that i thought i had to try it out! I truly believe these have really reformed my skin, making it feel 10 times softer and hydrated. The Glycolic Fix range is used to exfoliate and brighten up your skin. Each product has only a [...]

5 Sure shot ways of banishing skin dryness in winter

With winter already here, neither can you be cold, nor can your skin be dry. You can easily get dry skin if you expose yourself to the cold and crisp air outside and warm and dry air indoors. However, you can guard against dry skin. Here's how: Preventing dry skin: There are a number of ways of preventing dry skin [...]